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Hi there,

Im Andrzej Polok, located in south Poland. Im experienced project leader, product manager, product owner and consultant in differnent areas. Already from where i was 12 years old my interests was revolving around IT related topics, but electronic, construction and music as well, which later transformed to sound engeenering, audio and video recordings and live sound productions.

Privately im lucky to be married with Magdalena since 2013, and blessed with 3 daughters - Melania Lea (2015), Laura Elena (2017) and Gabriela Luiza (2021)
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In all activities in my live i focus on quality, process and quality of process :)
For me there is no difference between leading team of developers in some IT projects or team of electricians working on construction site. In both cases the communication, planning, documentation, daily updates, problem solving, controlling, testing etc is key to success. 

Already from where i was 13 years old we spend our summer vacation in Norway with family, where i could work on the construction site where i was 16 years old. This periods gived me a lot of practical live experience, which im very grateful for. That was also a greate opportunity to learn to speak Norwegian.

The contacts in Norway helped me to get internship in Brunstad Drift IT department (todays Oslofjord Convention Center) where i worked 1,5 year after i was done with high school in Poland. After i come back to Poland in 2013 i worked in Teknomet - on production line of the fireplaces. This was quite different area than "IT" but very diversified phase of my live where i got a lot of opportunities for (which i found later is called) process improvements and optimization, cooperation with others, etc. During this time i was using my free time to take care and develop my hobbies and interests which gived me opportunity to start working for Landax in 2016.

You can find me on LinkedIn, but some insight into interesting projects i was involved to you can find below as well:

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Customer consultant and support for Landax customers - system for quality management and control

Project leading of mobile app development for Landax system - Landax APP 

Private project of family house renovation, where i fall in love with Grenton (Smart Home), which im currently capable to install and programm by myself.

Volountary involved in the contrsuction comitee for new church building in Ustroń-Nierodzim.
I was working in areas as adaptive architect, elektro planning and supervision, inspections on site, acoustic adaptation and tech-solutions mainly in main hall and rest of the building as well, CCTV (Hikvision), access control (Roger, RACS 5), security systems (Seatel, Polon-Alfa), network and WiFi (Ubiquiti). Estabilished solutions for home automation and sound distribution (Soundweb, Helvar, Crown) and video distribution (Blackmagic, VESTEL). Integrated systems in Audio Architect (from Soundweb). Experience in this project just confirmed my theory, that you dont need to (and for real cannot) be specialist in everything - but you can be specialized to make the specialist work together following overall vision for solution.

Project leading for mobile app development of SongTreasures